• In 2012, in International Conference on “Technical & Executive Innovation in Computing & Communication (TEICC-2012)” Vibhanshu Vyas, & Yogesh Raj of Computer Science & Engineering Department published a paper on “Cloud Computing”.

    The paper included the information of whole Cloud Computing sources, types & services of Cloud Computing, need of Cloud Computing and security for Cloud Computing.

  • Mr.Bheem Singh Rajpoot has presented the following papers

    • A paper on “Development of Surface Roughness and Cutting Force Prediction Model during End-Milling D3 Tool Steel” at 3rd International Conference on “Advanced Trends in Engineering Technology & Research” dated 22-Dec -2014.

    • A paper on “Advancement in Flexible Manufacturing System” at International Conference on “Advanced Innovation in Management Science & Technology” dated 16 Nov 2013.

    • A paper on “Astute Materials and Structures used for Vibration Control” at International Conference on “Technical and Executive Innovations in Computing and Communication” dated 27 Dec 2012.

    • A paper on “Energy Technologies for the 21st century The role of renewable energy” at National Conference on “Non conventional Sources of Energy Development and its application in Rural Area and Industries” dated 30 Mar 2012.

    • A paper was presented at the International conference “Advance Innovation in Management, Science and Technology” also a paper was presentation at “International Conference Development of Surface Roughness and Cutting Force Prediction During End-Milling of AISID3 Tool steel” by Mr.Abdul Samad, Mr. Kailash Swami and Mr. Bheem Singh.