2nd National conference on Innovative & Emerging Technologies in Computing Methodology (IETCM-2012)

Computing Technologies and methodologies constitute the nervous systems of the information technology enabled economic scenario. The trend towards unified communications, along with richer, computing, methods, Web-based applications and a proliferation of consumer-oriented devices are among the key issue for emerging computing and communications.

IETCM-2012 is a platform that leads to grass root level of emerging techniques and facts.

IETCM-2012 is a technical meet to address views on various issues on Computing Technologies and methods.

Aim & Objectives:

The underlying idea behind conference theme is to highlight the role of Computing technologies and emerging topics and challenges to the communication quadrants.

Sub Themes:

  • Test Methodologies for Super scale Architectures
  • Network security
  • Android Technology
  • Oracle: Database backup & Recovery
  • Mobile Ad Hoc Network :Open Issues & challenges
  • Computing in future

Eminent Speakers:

  • Dr.Pradeep Tomar(Gautam Buddha University, Noida)
  • Dr.Rahul Raj Choudhary(Engineering College, Bikaner)
  • Dr.Narendra Singh Yadav(Sri Balaji College Of Engineering & Tech, Jaipur)
  • Mr.Ashok Sihag(Gautam Buddha University, Noida)
  • Mr.O.P.Sangwan(Gautam Buddha University, Noida)
  • Mr.Ashish Kesri(Gautam Buddha University, Noida)