Become a VIP, do something amazing and donate blood. 96% of us rely on the other 4% to give blood. Please don't leave it to someone else. Every 2 seconds someone needs blood. Your blood helps more than one life at a time.. The proverb 'Example is better than precept' is always proved true by the management of MEC which believes in actions rather than preaching. From time to time a number of social activities are being organized in the campus to create an example for all the masses. The blood donation camp organized by MEC rightly proves this in which volunteers including students, faculty members and staff members came forward to donate their blood. Their faces were beaming with a sense of pride and honour as they contributed their part. This noble act of college authorities is appreciated by all the invited guests as they exhorted the students to come forward.

On 1 Oct 2014, NSS cell has participated in "Blood Donation Camp" organised by "PBM Hospital" in MEC campus on the occasion of Blood Donation Day. More than 140 students have donated their blood in this event.