College conducts academic industry interface program in collaboration with various companies. An Institute-Industry interaction is established for the educational and industrial exposure.

Time to time at regular intervals, the students are taken for industrial visit at various reputed industries/companies/plants or to visit industrial sites to watch an undergoing project and ongoing process.

Apart from the textbook knowledge, many technical real world topics/terms exist which is explained and understood very well by experiencing them in the real world. Thus for this purpose college organizes Industrial visit to gain outer and practical knowledge in combination with textbook and practical knowledge .


  • Student's exposure to industries
  • Able to watch the live ongoing projects
  • Helpful in solving their topic related queries
  • Establishment of Institute-Industry interaction
  • Increment in practical knowledge
  • Establishment of a cordial relationship between reputed industries

The following are the industrial visits for the MEC students:

  • A visit to Water Treatment Plant, Beechwal for 1st yr . students, headed by Chemistry Department to get the practical knowledge of water treatment and purification process on April 2015.
  • A visit to Ceramic factory was held on 30 Jan 2015 for the final year students to learn on the topic Manufacturing of Insulators, headed by Dr. Amit Sanghi and Ms. Ritu Jakhar.
  • For 1st yr. students, a visit to Modi Equal Fill Pvt. Ltd.,Raisar was held on 11 Oct 2014, to achieve practical knowledge about the constituent and manufacturing process of plastic articles.
  • An industrial visit to Rathi Industrial Ltd., held on Sept. 2014, headed by Mr. Amit Chaudhary and Mr. Devendra of Mechanical Dept. to learn Moulding Process for final yr. students.
  • An visit to Indian Oil Bottling Plant, Bikaner was organized by Mechanical Dept. on May 2014 for the 2nd yr. students.
  • Electronics and Communication Engineering organized an industrial visit to PBM Hospital to get aware of Bio Medical Instrumentation, visited by 5th Semester students and was on Nov 2013 head by Mr. Gautam.
  • On March 2011, Electrical Department organized the following Industrial visits:
    • Urmul Diary for the Process of Milk Pasteurization, headed by Ms. Namrata Sharma
    • Bikaner Ceramics Pvt. Ltd. for Insulator Manufacturing, headed by Mr. Hemant Kaushik.
    • Suratgarh Super Thermal Power Stn for Power Generation Processs, headed by Mr. Kailash Bhakar.
    • 400 KV GSS for Grid Control Methods , headed by Mr. Hemant Kaushik