PRAGYAN (Tech-Fest)

Pragyan is a perfect platform that bring together some of the sharpest engineering minds so as to allow them to share ideas, leading to concerted approaches to tackling major challenges confronting us today. It is the Annual Technical Festival of MEC and is a perfect blend of technology & creativity

The main focus of the fest is to inspire youths through innovation. Techfest is known for hosting a variety of events that include competitions, exhibitions, lectures as well as workshops. It encompasses enormous activities catering to the aptitude and taste of almost every student. Events like LAN gaming, Brain Mapping, Robotics, Circuit Design etc. encouraging students to work in the technical field. The Tech-Fest witnesses wager participation of students from many other colleges that creates harmonious atmosphere amongst all the students.

The aim of providing a platform for students to develop and showcase their technical prowess. Pragyan a benchmark for itself with its lecture series, competitions and initiatives. Competitions serve the backbone for fulfilling the basic motto of Techfest- spreading science and technology.