New arrivals are always welcomed with a superb celebration.Saanjh, as the name itself depicts, is a function/ party organized in an evening for the new Hostellers, the newly admitted first year students. This social gathering showcases various artistic facets found in MECians

It is a function that starts from evening and as the natural light dims, the environment around fills with the glow of the function and Hostellers fills with enthusiasm. After the end of Saanjh, all new faces get familiar and more comfortable with their Hostel mates and with the college.

MEC has been a pioneer in every field be it academics or extracurricular activities. Saanjh gives the students, both new and old one to exhibit their talent. The Hostel night captures many beautiful and rememorable moments and programs like dancing, singing, personality contest takes place in a delightful and entertaining way.

As a whole, Saanjh makes the old faces to welcome the new faces and to let them know that they are now a member of the beautiful MEC family and that they will be given utmost care in the college as well as hostel.