Life on the campus of Marudhar Engineering College is marked with numerous academic ceremonies, official occasions and community programs that are an integral fabric of the institution. The annual day of MEC is SRIJAN.The Srijan is held annually to bring our vast and diverse community together.

The academic year ends with Srijan, where the students of all years and branches meet together and enjoy life to the lees. It is celebrate with enthusiasm and vigour. Every student has an inner potential and to bring out that talent it provides the best platform. During the day the stage had been beautifully decorated with flowers and glittering banners. Starting from the music, song and dance, the students staged many short plays and mono actions .

An aura of mirth and festivity filled the stage as young students perform so accurately the modern and traditional dances. Students as well as teachers united together and do rigorous practice for almost one month before setting the stage on fire. The students perform with full confidence & the enthusiasm, which significantly shows the power of the youth residing in them.

Srijan is founded in order to extend the management as well as the leadership qualities inside every person and every student.

The week before the Srijan , the Sports Day is celebrated along with some events of extracurricular competitions like Tech Quiz , Counter-Strike, NFS, Face-Painting, Rangoli, Poster Presentation, Documentary Making, etc. having the full participation of the students. Srijan is the best platform for the students to show up and come with the qualities which are residing in a student, which no one has or has not seen, in which he/she is the best, or the one for which he/she really admires to be.