Dr. K. Ram

A young mind is a rich storehouse of intellectual resources. Education is the exploration of these latent resources in the mind. The youth of our country are finding creative outlets in all fields –be it education, business, entrepreneurship, defence, sports or governance. This is the context in which we should view quality of education. Quality education empowers an individual to make right choices. Right choices in life lead to success, satisfaction and happiness.

As an educationist, I believe in empowering students to choose right career and create a life that they want to live and thereby make the society better. Engineering graduates encounter worlds of professional challenges. In this backshop engineering educators and employers face the formidable task of preparing engineers to be more effective in diverse contexts.

We at Marudhar Engineering College, Bikaner have been striving hard to render quality education to those seeking Technical, Administrative or Professionals Positions in their life. Our emphasis has been on ‘Excellence with Values’. We are among the top engineering colleges in the State. We ensure that MEC students find complete self-expression in the institute’s ambience and for that we render every help to make their dreams come true.

We invite you to explore and take advantages of what is being offered at MEC, which aspires to satisfy the quest for knowledge in a holistic manner. I dedicate MEC to help the students in realizing their dreams and wish them a very successful academic year ahead.



Mr. Salauddin Ahmad

I warmly welcome the young aspiring students. Beyond providing a sound education I wish to provide our students a holistic Learning experience for. Our aim is not only to teach students but we strive to travel beyond the boundaries of mere books also. The advent of the global economic order and rapid growth of technical Advancement of the information highway have all opened up new opportunities and challenges in the education scenario. Our institute's collaborations with industries and renowned companies have resulted in successful placment of our students in reputed companies. To foster encompassing development of students we regularlyinvite the eminet lecturers and motivators from various walks of life and encourage the students to be innovative and hard working. I realize that the future is abstract and unknown but the youth in our hands are real and can be shaped in a way to turn their dreams to reality. Best Wishes!



Prof. Madhukar Bagaria

I welcome all the students for opting Marudhar Engineering College for your graduation and pay honours to your decision for this graceful initiation with MEC.

Marudhar Engineering College fraternity views education as a holistic learning experience where students are transformed into a well developed personality. Our objective is to make students intellectually sound and self-reliant citizens who are socially responsible and have strong belief in humanistic values.

Our college, being the first self financed college in Bikaner division stands apart as a premier institution of the region. Since its inception, the college is committed to dissemination of knowledge and best placement of students in credible industries/organizations. Along with emphasis on academic base of students, the college offers host of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities throughout the academic session.

I hope MEC will provide you with all possible opportunities and a sound platform to carve academically sound and socially responsible person out of you.

With Best Wishes.



Dr. Javed Khan Bhutto

The status report on technical education of Quality Improvement Programme of Government of India remarked that India boasts of institutions comparable to the best in the world.Nonetheless there is still ample scope for improving quality education. In this scenario the onus is on enhancing the quality of technical education to make the qualified graduates employable globally.

To achieve highest quality - the system that is responsible in training the technocrats must undergo transformation in respect to:

  • Imparting the latest technical methodologies
  • Inculcating zeal to experiment and innovate among the students
  • Understand the societal needs in India as well as global implications of new technology on the society and environment

When the institutions focus on the above said areas they turn out to be the temples of modern India and their disciples (i.e. students) will be revered in India and globally as well as.

I do believe that our college has taken up the challenges in attaining quality education and forging itself into one of the premier institutions to serve the whole of mankind.