MELANGE-An Amalgamation of Technology and Creativity

Every success story begins with name and anything that tags along has to be priceless. MELANGE, the very name reflects the blueprints of notions of mind of students.

MELANGE is the annual magazine of Marudhar Engineering College and is the fresh blend of new work ethics, which combines vigor with creativity and passion with respect.

It also provides the students an appropriate platform to express their creativity through contributing articles, write-ups etc. and polish their talent, which is in the best interest of their overall development, and needs to be encouraged. It provides the vibrant enthusiasm rippling through the pages of the magazine reflects a well established multilingual and multicultural environment. It provides students a platform to unleash our thoughts and take the ever beautiful form of literary writings.

The magazine carries adequate material which would guide the students through all odds in their future accomplishments The students of MEC contributing to MELANGE not only have penchant for writing but also work day and night to make MELANGE a cynosure every year. This leaves the readers believing that READING IS CELEBRATION.