Electronics & Communication Engineering is one of the largest and fastest growing fields of engineering. It is concerned with designing, development, testing and supervision of manufacturing of electronic equipments. Electronics has changed the entire world with its power of communication and micro-miniaturization of devices like transistors, diodes, resistors and most significantly, the Integrated Circuit Technology. These innovations have given an enormous boost to the electronics industry in the commercial world. The department of Electronics and Communication Engineering endeavors to mould students to be critical thinkers, skilled communicators and ethical leaders thus producing efficient and resourceful engineers. With the establishment of M.Tech. courses in Digital Communication System now the college lays greater emphasis on R & D activities. Adequate lab facilities are available for R&D work.

  • Awarded as best department for session 2010-11, 2011-12 and 2012-13.
  • Well established laboratory and PCB designing facilities.
  • Different workshops, guest lectures and conferences are organized on regular basis.
  • Opportunities in government and private companies for installation, operation and maintenance of electronic equipments and systems.
  • Gateway to defence, space and other large research organizations.
  • Plethora of jobs in consumer electronics, manufacturing organizations, telecommunication industry & IT industry, health care equipment manufacturing industry, mobile communication, internet technologies, power electronics, steel, petroleum and chemical industry.
  • There are lots of opportunities for further specialization in ECE branch like M.Tech. in Digital communication systems, Signal processing, VLSI & Embedded system and specialization courses in VHDL etc.