Mechanical Engineering encompasses the generation and application of heat and mechanical power, design, production and use of machines and tools. It is generally focused on the creation and evolution of matters related to Physics which covers a broad range of technical areas.

  • Mechanical is a combination of production, machine and product design, industrial engineering, automobile etc. It is visible that in current era Mechanical Engineering holds a prominent place in development of any country.
  • Large number of public & private sector units provide reputed jobs for mechanical engineers in different fields like construction & maintenance of running production plants. Mechanical Engineering also has great scope in defence, plants establishment/installation, automotive, aerospace, chemical, computer, power generation, environment & biomedical, cement industry etc with lucrative pay packages.
  • Mechanical Engineers are in demand for software & other designing of equipment.
  • At global level all reputed world fame universities and R & D Institute provide fellowships and internship to mechanical engineers.